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Consulting Packages
New Lower Pricing

Basic Consultation

  • How to setup and properly backup a Bitcoin software or hardware wallet

  • What is a blockchain and how does it work

  • What is a Bitcoin node

  • How does mining work

  • How to pick the best transaction fee

  • And more

  • BTC 0.02 / hr

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Long Term Storage

  • When only the Coldest Storage will do Arctic™ LTS

  • Long Term Bitcoin Cold Storage
    & End Of Life Planning

  • You will learn how to...

  • Setup and use a Multisig Wallet

  • Determine the best type of Multisig
    for your situation

  • Utilize Hardware Wallets to work
    with your Multisig

  • Gain access to our Proprietary
    End Of Life Planning System

  • Have us store a set of your Multisig Keys
    (We NEVER have access to your bitcoin)

  • We take the Mystery out of Multisig

  • Packages start at

  • BTC 0.35 / hr

    Yearly Subscription
    BTC 0.10 / Yr

  • (Yearly Subscription Optional)

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Accept BTC Payments

  • Start accepting Bitcoin payments
    in your business

  • BTC 0.10 / Flat Fee

    Small to Medium Businesses
  • (Includes up to 3Hrs)

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Introduction to BISQ

  • Bisq is a decentralized Exchange

  • No KYC & you stay in control of your coins

  • Learn how to...

  • Setup & Properly backup Bisq

  • Fund your wallet.

  • Become a trade MAKER

  • Become a trade TAKER

  • Start trading with Privacy

  • BTC 0.035 / Flat Fee

  • (Includes up to 3Hrs)

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Introduction to
Wasabi Wallet

  • The best privacy wallet for Bitcoin

  • Wasabi works a little different than most Bitcoin wallets

  • Has a built-in Coinjoin

  • Learn how to keep your bitcoin private with Wasabi
    for your situation

  • BTC 0.035 / Flat Fee

  • (Includes up to 3Hrs)

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Help claiming HEX

  • Not sure how to claim HEX? We can help.

  • There are many details you should know about claiming.

  • If you're not prepare before the snapshot (September 2019) you could miss out.

  • We don't promote anyone buying HEX, but if you own Bitcoin you can get if for FREE! and trade it for MORE bitcoin.

  • BTC 0.02 / hr

  • (Should take about 1 Hour)
    (Use our referral link)

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If you'd like to claim without our help Click Here for more information and to claim.

Vanity Addresses

  • We never have access to your Private Key Addresses must start with a "1"

  • Pricing:
    1 to 5 charcters "1?????" - 0.01BTC
    6 charcters "1??????" - 0.025BTC
    7 characters "1???????" - 0.06BTC
    (might take 3-5 weeks)

  • Example addresses for 6 characters "myTEST" "1myTESTavnUfCW11DAApiJxp7ARnxN5pGX"

  • Characters that are NOT allowed:
    zero "0" / capital o "O" / lowercase L "l" /capital i "I"

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Prices may vary depending on the amount of characters you want.


    BTC 0.00 / Flat Fee

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  • BTC 0.000 / hr

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*Prices subject to change